Welcome to FreeATMmachine.com.  We specialize in providing complimentary ATM Placements for qualified Businesses throughout the USA & Puerto Rico.

ATMs are proven to be successful increasing Cash Sales and generating additional Income while providing Customer Convenience.  

FreeATMmachine.com works with the premier ATM Manufacturers, Processors and Service Companies to deploy the best equipment to accommodate the Transaction Volume, Service and Transaction Processing needs for each location.

We can assist you with any type of ATM including Through The Wall Models to handle any location or transaction volume.  

Managed through the worlds leading ATM Processors that have redundant processing capabilities insuring that your ATM(s) are live and processing as close to 100% of the time as possible.

★ Maximum performance for ATMs

★ 24 / 7 Help Desk 7 Days Weekly

★ Dedicated ATM Management Team with Assigned Representatives

ATMs are usually installed & operational within 30 days from the time we have completed paperwork.  

Urgent situations are evaluated on a per location basis.

Placing your ATM in a very visible location preferably in front with good sight lines is extremely important in generating the best transactions.

About Us

Superior ATM Processing

We process our customers transactions through the national and regional

networks, ensuring our clients a high percentage of transaction approvals.

Our transactions process through a reliable system with appropriate back up

procedures so you make money day after day.

On-Line ATM Reporting & Surcharge Payments

Monthly reports will be accessible detailing your terminals history.

Payments for your "approved withdrawals" are made by ACH deposit or by check

for "Free Placements". Internet web access is complimentary to monitor your


Already Processing?

We most likely can help provide you better service and support and help you earn more income than your current provider is paying you. If your contract is expired, or the company has not performe as promised, we would add your ATM(s) to our national processing networks.

Want to purchase your own ATM?

We offer wholesale pricing & world class processing.

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Each ATM requires standard 110 Power & Dedicated Phone or RJ 45 Internet Connection preferred (which is a faster transaction than phone).  

Although the ATMs are designed for dedicated lines for optimum performance and service diagnosing, we can run through a house phone system if required but not recommended.  If so, we will need to know if the line needs to dial a prefix like "9" prior to making a call.  When you run through a house phone system you can have communication issues not all of the time but it can happen.